Yiran Chen

Yiran Chen
Three-way catalysts (TWCs) are used in vehicles to reduce the pollution of the exhaust gases (CO, NOx, and hydrocarbons (CxHy)). TWCs need high oxygen storage capacity that can increase the efficiency of pollution gas removal. Ceria (CeO2) based materials are important in TWCs, because of their redox properties, oxygen storage/release capacity and thermal stability. Bulk ZrO2 has small surface area, whereas CeO2 is considered to be a high surface area oxide support.  One promising way of increasing the surface are of ZrO2 is by creating a core@shell structure where CeO2 is deposited in the core and ZrO2 on the shell. Our study is about the synthesis of the CeO2@ZrO2 nanocomposites that will be deposited on Al2O3.  Upon the completion of the synthesis of the CeO2@ZrO2/Al2O3 support, Pb will be deposited on it.
Current Position: Process Integration Engineer, Intel Corporation, Phoenix, AZ