Junjie Chen

Junjie Chen
Considering the large domestic CH4 sources and the benefits of using pure or blended ethanol as an alternative and ecologically friendly fuels, the direct production of ethanol form CH4 is of great interest. The key to realize the direct conversion CH4 to ethanol is developing catalysts with high efficiency. My research mainly focused on determination of the most favorable reaction conditions for high ethanol yield using a Pt/C catalyst, including the operation temperature, pressure, Pt nanoparticle sizes and so on. Also, as the platinum dissolution can occur during operation, development of a Pt-based catalyst with maximum utilization of each Pt reactive site and limited metal dissolution will be another topic.
PhD Dissertation: Engineering Cost-effective Metal/Metal Oxide-based Catalysts with Enhanced Activity for Low-Temperature Emissions Control
Current Position: Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemical Engineering Department at Stanford University, Stanford, CA (Mentor: Dr. Thomas Jaramillo)
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