Judy Liu

Judy Liu
My undergraduate research focused on mechatronics and multiscale simulation, where I used LabVIEW to trace the streamline of a fluid. In addition, I used simulations to study the mass transport of composite materials, where I used finite element method (FEM) to obtain the effective diffusivity in hollow fiber mixed matrix membranes. This work was published in the Journal of Membrane Science.  In my master’s thesis, I investigated the dynamic behavior of nanoparticles in the liquid. Moreover, I combined FEM and molecular dynamics (MD) to calculate the mechanical properties of nanotubes, and this work was published in the Journal of Computational Materials Science.  My Ph.D. studies focus on the mitigation of vehicle pollutants during cold-start.
PhD Dissertation: Development of Low-Temperature Oxidation Catalysts for Diesel and Gasoline Vehicles
Current Position: Development Engineer, Alkegen, Tonawanda, NY
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