Open positions

Graduate Students
More than 1 Ph.D. positions are available to outstanding students joining in Fall 2022 interested in studies of the design of novel catalytic materials, kinetics, and reaction mechanisms.
Multiple MSc (thesis) positions available to outstanding students joining in Fall 2022 in developing a fundamental understanding in catalytic reactions using computational tools (machine learning, Bayesian statistics, uncertainty quantification). Computational projects are in collaboration with Dr. Eric Walker from the Institute of Computational and Data Science (UB).
Post-doctoral Researchers
A Postdoc position is available in Spring 2023 in the Kyriakidou group to develop novel catalytic materials for methane emissions control.  Apply here:
Undergraduate Students
Projects currently available (09/2022).  Please email Dr. Kyriakidou for details. 
Interested graduate/undergraduate students and post-doctoral researchers, please email Dr. Kyriakidou and include the following: 1) a cover letter explaining your interest in our group, what you expect to gain from a time period spent here, and how your previous experience qualifies you for the research we are doing, 2) a current resume including prior research and work experiences, and 3) a copy of your transcript.  A GPA of at least 3.5 is preferred.